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Dream Site Designer is more than your typical web designer. We are based in Elk Grove Village, Illinois and we are your advocate and guide for your company on all things related to the internet! We help you create your online presence, solve your website challenges, and stay up-to-date on technology and trends so that you don’t have to.

There are a variety of businesses and industries we network with and are happy to introduce you to potential partners and referrals for services. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, customer service, and pricing.

From small informative websites for selling real estate to multi-page websites for small businesses and complex applications for large corporations — we offer a variety of services to suit every need. See examples of our work and read about their experiences with us.

Learn more about Dream Site Designer and how we can help your website and business take off!

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Testimonials for Our Web Services

Alisa is an awesome website designer. Very detailed and gives recommendations to make your website attractive! Highly recommended!

Tom, i-Illuminate Events

I have known Alisa for many years and always knew she was good at what she does, so when my daughter and I formed a nonprofit in memory of my grandson, and needed to upgrade our somewhat amateurish website, I knew who to turn to.  Alisa coached and trained me how to improve our design. As I was nervous about making changes or messing something up, Alisa was a steadying, calming voice of encouragement, always prompt to answer questions.

In October we transitioned to WP with her at the helm. Since then we have had fundraisers that have generated a lot of donations to our organization, and having a more professional looking website has played a key role in that.  Feedback we have received from both professionals and nonprofessionals has been very positive.  People are genuinely moved by our story.  Thank you, Alisa, for your undying patience, gentle coaxing and coaching, as well as brilliant ideas you have proposed.  We will be forever grateful for your professionalism and genuine kindness.

Suzanne Stratford, #themarshalleffect

Alisa is a great website designer. She keeps me on my toes trying to keep up with my concert dates on my calendar. Thanks for all you do for me and my music Alisa!

David Cahalan

Thanks so much for the very clear picture of what is needed and why…You are terrific!!!!!!!!!!!!! So easy to work with. Thank you, Alisa

Julianne, Health Education Services

Working with Peter at Dream Site Designer on a custom web development project proved very effective. We accomplished more and with better quality then previous web developers we’ve worked with. I wish I would have come to Dream Site Designer first. They communicate clearly, ask the right questions to better understand our needs, are very responsive, and manage deadlines professionally. Thank you for all your hard work!

Matthew Wahlgren, Agent Base Connect

I love working with Alisa and her team , they are extremely responsive and delivers quality work, job is not done until you are satisfied, I would definitely recommend them.

Doria Delgado, PivotMe

The team at Dream Site Designer really acted as a vested partner in the development of our website and extensive back-end integration work. When we had an issue, we received a timely response and when it came to solving a potential issue, we were given several options, including the pros/cons of each. Also, the team was able to help us navigate the layout, look & feel, and website functionality in a somewhat uncertain time and without a tremendous amount of documentation (provided by us, i.e. a product spec).

After launch, we were able to add (and in some cases remove) content and/or application functionality as needed, which allowed us to ‘push the envelope’ a bit on how a winery’s website should be. Additionally, the DSD team is extremely patient with people who aren’t really familiar with the intricacies of web development, and is thankfully very patient.

I’d definitely recommend Dream Site Designer as a recommended website development partner.

Tom Homewood, Awen Winecraft

Alisa has been instrumental in helping us migrate our website to WP. We are now working with her to continue elevating our site to new levels with more features and interactive components for our customers and clients. In addition to the wonderful work, she has been such a pleasure to collaborate with – she’s quick to respond, she’s eager to help and answer questions, and she has a positive energy that our team can feel and appreciate.

Christina, LoveAll 5D

I hired Alisa at Dream Site Designer to assist with some problems we were having with my company’s WordPress website. She quickly figured out what was wrong, suggested remedies and worked closely with me to resolve the issues. She’s been very communicative and responsive and I’ve greatly appreciated her knowledge and expertise. I’m excited to continue working with her. Great value too! I highly recommend Alisa and Dream Site Designer.

Erika Taylor Montgomery, Three Girls Media

We Offer a Variety of Website Services to Suit Every Need

  • Build New Websites

  • Give Existing Website a Facelift

  • Online Ordering System

  • Online/ECommerce Shop

  • Web Development

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Social Media Management

  • Project Management

  • Web Hosting & Domain Name Registration

  • App Development

  • Graphic Design

  • Logo Creation & Branding

  • Create Brochures & Business Cards

  • Setup a Blog

  • And More!